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BIG SHUG  Off Rip  feat. Termanology   Singapore Kane
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Big Shug “Off Rip” f. Termanology & Singapore Kane [VIDEO]

Darryl Carter Jr. (DJ Eternity)February 18, 2015
Termanology-Photoshoot Fresh

Termanology “Photoshoot Fresh” f. Dutch Rebelle & Wais P [Music Video]

Darryl Carter Jr. (DJ Eternity)December 8, 2014
Bun B-Termanology-How We Rock-Live in Boston

Bun B & Termanology “How We Rock” Live in Boston

Darryl Carter Jr. (DJ Eternity)September 2, 2014
Termanology - Back In THe Day-Video

Termanology – Back In The Day [Video]

Darryl Carter Jr. (DJ Eternity)April 27, 2014