Zumo Kollie – You’re A Good Sport, Zumo Kollie [EP]

Zumo Kollie – You’re A Good Sport, Zumo Kollie-EP-small

Today the our good friend O shot over some fresh material in the form of an EP from a Providence based emcee by the name of Zumo Kollie. The 6-track EP You’re A Good Sport, Zumo Kolli, produced by fellow Providence, RI native Jeff Gore, Ben Pramuk and MadStarBase, was recorded in various studios, attics and basements in Providence and Brooklyn. Barely able to get past the soulful Aretha Franklin sampled opener “Say A Prayer”, without rewinding it back over 6 times, i  listened to the EP in full and became a new fan instantly. If you’re a fan of retro-sounding, soulful hip-hop than i guarantee that you’ll love this project.


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