Naomi Almquist of Prinze George Shares New Single “Off My Ass”

Prinze George is an Alternative-pop band formed in 2013 by formed by producer Kenny Grimm and Vocalist Naomi Almquist. In 2016 the band released its debut album Illiterate Synth Pop, featuring singles “Move it,” “Freeze,” and “Wait Up.”

Between dropping two EP’s, in March of this year the band returned with their sophomore album Happy Garden, laced with stand-outs “Take Off” and “Wave Goodbye.”

Today Naomi Almquist of Prinze George rolls out a new single “Off My Ass” written on the 2nd day of 2021. Speaking on the inspiration behind the single Naomi says:

Off My Ass” is really the first hug I have ever given myself through my work. I am a deep feeling person and become very angry/explosive when I am hurting. I make mistakes. I don’t know how to lie about how I feel. No matter how awful I’ve been to other people in moments of weakness, I have always been, without a shadow of a doubt, the absolute hardest on myself. 

Writing “Off My Ass” has taught me how to be wiser, calmer and kinder to myself…which in turn has made me more open/kind to the people around me…because that’s how love works. No matter how significant or insignificant other people decide it is, I will always think of this song as the one that really saved me.

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