Horsepowar – “Drink Juice”

Indo-Canadian rapper Horsepowar who’s been featured by the likes Complex, The Fader, and Complex, makes her elite debut in the form of the visuals for this “Drink Juice,” Directed and Edited by Kristina Bakrevski.

Drink Juice” is a very different sound for you. What inspired this?

“Drink Juice” was the most fluid song I have made to date (fully endorse this, pun-intended). When I began to write, the lyrics just poured out. Most times, it doesn’t flow so easily. I started to think of my dream/future lover. “I like the way you look with your back against the wall”, then the idea of my lover turned into the idea of God. “Your spirit hangs long like it’s seven feet tall/ I am done with the boring, I am done with the small”. Then the idea of my lover and God merged into one. I couldn’t separate the two. I know in today’s world we haven’t different views of what love looks like and means. But in my mind and heart, my future partner will resemble something to me of a godly spirit in my eyes. I know it can be a dangerous perspective to put someone on a pedestal, and I don’t mean for my partner to be falsely idolized. But I think there is beauty with love mirroring the idea of God. I truly believe that is the definition of God anyway. Love exists in so many forms, with people of different relations, and passion.

This song is about pushing yourself to keep evolving. To put yourself in the world regardless of fear or defeat. It is about using all parts of you to keep the momentum of achieving whatever your dreams are. Even if some of the parts of you make you feel weak or vulnerable, they are not to be shamed, you just gotta keep moving and never look back… because although you may be stuck in the rain, if you bring a glass, you can make lemonade. It can be cliché but, there is nothing more rewarding than the feeling of not letting something break you even if it feels like you are broken.

What do you want people to feel when they listen to the song? Is there a message you want them to take away from it?

I want people to feel inspired, joyful, and dance. Those three elements in any song have my heart. When I listen back to my music, especially on days where I feel sad and confused, I realize that my songs act as my higher self talking to me. When I forget who I am, then hear my songs, I remember exactly who I am. My soul already knows the steps to take to help me evolve. There have been moments when I have reverted to old habits, repeating patterns, and I’ll listen to “Drink Juice” and snap out of it. Girl, you can’t live in the past if you want to keep moving forward.

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