Canadian songbird Lydia Persaud Shares Soulful Bop “I Got You”

Next up we’re blessed with the soulful sounds from upcoming Canadian songbird Lydia Persaud. Exposed to music at a very young age, Lydia’s early influences sprang from the gospel styles of her religious upbringing. Her first exposure to R&B/Soul music is when she stumbled upon a VHS tape VH1 Divas, which featured Live featuring performances from the likes of Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Carole King and Gloria Estefan.

“Unpacking the last 24 years of my life as I grew up in church is an ongoing journey. I was sheltered in many ways, through homeschooling (grade 2-5) and extreme involvement in my church. At the same time I was introduced to the concept of singing for a greater purpose than that of fame and glory. Music was for God and for giving thanks, a foundation that I am grateful for to this day. Removing the ego and vanity in music and giving back, connecting, and sharing relatable stories is how I have grown from these early experiences.” 

on April 29th Lydia will release her new album Moody31today she shares her soulful bop titled “I Got You,” a song which serves as a beautiful commitment to reigniting love, softening and opening our hearts in difficult times, extending an olive branch for new beginnings.

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