Kiera Selbe “Reminiscin”

Thailand-based popstress Kiera Selbe makes her way to us in the form of visuals for her newest single titled “Reminiscin,” a single where she puts herself in peoples shoes via through different relationship scenarios. The music video features Kiera in private jets, throwback dance routines and more.

Songwriting to me, is when I put myself in someone’s shoes and try to imagine what they would be feeling in different situations. Early March last year I started writing “Reminiscin”.. At the time, I knew so many people that were going through a long distance relationship. Most of the coping I’ve heard isn’t going so well. It led me to think…what could possibly be going through their minds when they are both across the world from each other. So I thought, “why not write it from an overthinker’s perspective”. A perspective where this person is often missing the old memories when they were next to each other, constantly hoping that they’re both staring at the same sky, overthinking and reminiscing so much until a realization hits and that there’s been a communication breakdown between the two. Nevertheless, it feels like nothing but uncertainty, but there are always the voices that help guide them into better mindsets. Kiera Selbe

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