Nathaniel Paul Shares Music Video for “Turpentine”

Nathaniel Paul will release his sophomore album Turpentine this year through AWAL. The album is a follow up to his critically acclaimed debut album “Learning to Listen” out last year. Today Nathaniel shares visuals for the single “Turpentine.”

Nathaniel shot the video for “Turpentine” hanging upside down. The song lyrics start with “Take me off that assembly line” referring to the state of homogeneity that has been created through the overconsumption of news, social media, and the internet at large. The song hopes to take a look at what we are going through as a culture.

“I almost died shooting this video, “I thought it wasn’t going to be all that bad. But when your actually hanging upside down, it really gives you tunnel vision.” He laughs. “But honestly, we live in a world of chemicals and things trying to kill us all the time, I thought this was the perfect way to convey the message of the song.” – Nathaniel Paul

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